Juliana Laury Photography

Juliana Laury Photography
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I am a couples portrait photographer specializing in wedding,

post wedding, and anniversary portrait sessions.

I am also a newlywed, a food truck enthusiast, and a total cornball. When I’m not blasting ambient pop music and dancingaround the kitchen in my favorite yoga pants, I’m dreaming of the taste of Guiness in Ireland and currywurst in Berlin and preparing some outrageous meal to impress my nurse husband who would eat anything thats not still alive.  I believe in fairy tales because I live in one, and when I see that in others my sole desire is to capture that in its most honest form. Because I remember what it felt like to shake behind my own veil, practice my new last name, and speak the words that would change my future. It is in these fragile seconds that I reside for others, camera in hand,  documenting the moments in which we feel most alive. 



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